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Do you know your child can sense things even with closed eyes?

They can even read books & solve puzzles blindfolded.

This might sound like some magic trick to you, but it’s not!

Enhance your children’s skills, improve the capabilities of their brains and make them extraordinary in the long run.

It’s Time For Them To Do an MBA. 

Rs20,000 Rs15,000

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If you're a parent and feel that your child:

  • Has unbalanced IQs And EQs
  • Have difficulty reading things quickly
  • Has a low learning speed
  • Lacks concentration
  • Loses focus easily
  • Forget things easily

You’re Not Alone! Your Child Is Not The Only One With All These Issues…

Many parents are unaware that the growth year of their children plays a crucial role in their brain development. From a very young age, children are ready and eager to learn. Hence it’s important to play the right cards to nurture to develop their whole brain.

And just like others, if you follow the conventional parenting method: scold or shame a child when they make a mistake; you need to take a step back!

It’s Not Their Fault & All This Can Be Fixed! How?

Let me tell you about this in detail…

Like adults, your child’s brain is divided into two hemispheres too: The left brain, which is in charge of the Logical, Calculating, Planning, and Busy-bee part & The Right Brain is responsible for Empathy, Intution, Imagination, and Creativity.

To help your child be the Best in whatever they do and reach their highest potential, 

it’s important to activate both the hemispheres and put the whole brain to work. Children don’t understand all this at an early age but their ability to learn and grasp things helps make this process fun, and beneficial for them.

Trust me, this is your chance to decide what type of parent you want to become!

The conventional one who blames their children or the extra-ordinary one who helps them solve their life problems?

Rs20,000 Rs15,000

Book your seat now by just paying Rs1000


Introducing The Most Powerful & Beneficial Course For Your Child:

“The Mid Brain Activation Course”

Introducing The Most Powerful & Beneficial Course For Your Child:

“The Mid Brain Activation Course”

Two Brains Are Better Than One: Integrate the Left and the Right Together

Imagine walking with a single leg and dreaming of winning a marathon.Sounds foolish, right?

We use both legs to run, walk or do any mobile activity.

Similarly, our brain has two spheres that need to work together to increase your children’s IQ.

This is where Midbrain Activation Course comes into the picture.

A course that can assist your children in unlocking their full potential by actively using both left and right brain hemispheres. 


  • Concentration
  • Learning speed
  • Reading speed
  • Focus
  • Memory and
  • Activates their 3rd eye

The techniques used during the course empower your child’s mind and increase brain power. 

Also, the activation of 3rd eye enables them to do things with closed eyes.

Activities which other kids do with eyes open, your kid will come out as a distinction.

  • Recognise colors & shapes
  • Solve Rubrics Cubes
  • Recognise numbers
  • Do outdoor activities

And many more things BLIND-FOLDED

Help Your Kid To Be What She/He Wants To Be In Just 3 Months!

Rs20,000 Rs15,000

Book your seat now by just paying Rs1000

How Can Mid-Brain Activation Course Help Your Child?

We didn’t get the chance to leverage our hidden potential and activate our whole brain when we were kids.

But let’s not make our children feel the same. The age between 6 to 16 years is when they can activate the third eye and perform activities that we can never do, even as adults.

The best is seeing your child read, identify, and solve puzzles with Blind Fold.

Although it may sound like a supernatural ability (to read with one’s mind, not one’s eyes! ), it is actually a kind of brain ability.

Rs20,000 Rs15,000

Book your seat now by just paying Rs1000

Till now, I have helped 1,00,000+ children, and the next one can be your child!

But before that, let me introduce myself first.


5 Star Reviews

Hey, I’m Maniisha Thakkar,

Hey, I’m Maniisha Thakkar,

A Life Coach, Counsellor, Healer, and Image Consultant who has helped people from around the world change their realities and prepare them for a better future. I’m honored to have a family of 4k people on Instagram who admire, adore, and take inspiration from me. All my life, I just had one goal– Bring change but first, be the change. I knew I didn’t want to help only a section of people but the whole community, and that’s why I have an array of courses for children, adults, women, etc. All I’m today is because of my Gurus, who taught me the basics of happy living and being connected to the Source. 

I’m a certified Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, and Psychotherapist. The best personal stylist in India trained and certified me as an image consultant.

Not only that. I work with Sabira Merchant, who is a celebrity coach for personality development classes. But if you ask me which one I love doing the most, it is always being with the kids and helping them reach their full potential.

My goal has always been to add value to people’s lives, which is why I am always ready to learn new skills.

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Happy Parenting

Being a parent to a child is the most beautiful and priceless feeling for any couple but at the same time, it comes with a turmoil of questions that no one can answer.

But the end of this fuss is my Happy Parenting course is the right course for all couples who want to become role models for their children.

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Secret Of Happiness

Happiness is what everyone desires to have in life.

But there’s more to happiness than a good job, a fulfilling life, and a caring family.

This workshop is designed to unlock areas of happiness that enlighten your soul and bring out the best version of yourself. The Secret to Being Happy is finally revealed!

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1 Value Packed Session On Personal Growth

Prepare yourself to discover the inspiration that will advance your personal growth process. Time management, meditation, planning and productivity, writing, and many more skills are among the approaches and tools I teach to foster personal growth.


What are the minimum and maximum ages for a child to join the course?

Children in the age bracket of 6 to 16 years can join the course and benefit from it. The left and right brains will be accessible to children with ease. They will be able to learn, read, and memorize information much more quickly, which will enhance their confidence, interest, and focus while they are studying. Super IQ is enabled by midbrain activation.

What is the duration of the course?

The course’s main module is 30 hours, and there will be offline and online sessions. 

  • 2 full days of live sessions: 9 am to 5 pm
  • 10 online or offline sessions: 1 hour each

After that, I assist students for 3 months, and the child has to keep practicing the techniques I taught to activate the midbrain and sharpen their IQ.

Can we take breaks in between?

Yes after 2 days of live 8 hour sessions, you can take breaks in follow up sessions. We will cover the left portion later for you.

Can children do Rubik cube also with Blind Fold ?

Yes.  If your child knows how to solve the rubik’s cube with open eyes, they will be able to do it with blindfold too. Or else they will have to first learn it separately.

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What is the main benefit of the workshop?

You will see significant changes in your child, including improved:


  • Concentration 
  • Reading speed 
  • Learning Speed 
  • Memory 
  • Balancing Brain 

Much more.

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Is it possible to complete this workshop entirely online?

No, 2 days of live face-to-face sessions are important..

Does this come with a certificate?

Yes.  Your child will get a glass framed certificate signed by Maniisha Thakkar



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