NLP Master cum Practitioner Workshop


5 Day Workshop to learn complete
NLP SubConcious ReImprinting

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Health, Wealth, Relationships & Success In Just 5 Days!

Learn NLP and Reprogram Our Subconscious mind to create more productive habits, patterns & behaviours that lead Us to Success.


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Invest In The Holistic Development Of Yourself Today:

👫: 16 – 80 Years

⏳: 40 Hours

📅 : 5 Days Workshop

🕒: 9:00 AM IST to 05:00 PM IST




  • Expertise and Experience:

    Maniisha Thakkar has extensive expertise in NLP and a proven track record in coaching and training individuals. This showcases her knowledge and experience in the field.

  • Simplified Methodology:

    Maniisha Thakkar is known for her simplified approach to teaching NLP techniques, making it easier for learners to understand and apply the concepts effectively.

  • Practical Focus:

    She emphasizes practical application rather than just theoretical knowledge, allowing learners to gain hands-on experience and develop real skills.

  • Interactive and Engaging Sessions:

    Maniisha Thakkar's workshops are known for being interactive and engaging, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective.

  • Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

    Positive feedback and testimonials from previous participants validate her effectiveness as an NLP trainer and life coach.

  • Individual Attention:

    She ensures that participants receive individual attention and support, facilitating personalized learning and growth.

  • Commitment to Personal Transformation:

    Maniisha Thakkar is dedicated to helping individuals achieve personal transformation and growth through NLP, which reflects her passion for empowering others.

  • Range of Topics:

    She covers a wide range of topics and applications within NLP, including personal development, communication skills, goal setting, and more, providing a holistic learning experience.

  • Practical Tools and Techniques:

    Maniisha Thakkar equips participants with practical tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately for positive change in various areas of life.

  • Continued Support:

    Beyond the workshops, she often offers ongoing support and resources to her participants, ensuring their learning journey continues long after the training.


Invest In The Holistic Development Of Your Today:

👫: 16 – 80 Years

⏳: 40 Hours

📅 : 5 Days Workshop

🕒: 9:00 AM IST to 05:00 PM IST

What The NLP Workshop Has In Store For You

Personal Growth

NLP techniques enable individuals 

To Overcome :


  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative emotions
  • Past traumas
  •  Leading to personal empowerment
  • Confidence Building

Effective Communication

NLP provides strategies

To Enhance :

  •  Communication skills
  • Stress Management
  • Improve rapport with others
  • Influence and persuade effectively
  • Time Management

Stress Management

NLP offers techniques

To Combat:

  • Stress
  • Positive Thinking
  • Manage anxiety
  • Achieve emotional balance
  • Clarity In Setting Goals

Goal Achievement

NLP helps individuals

To Achieve:

  • Set clear, achievable goals
  • Provides strategies to motivate
  • Take action towards desired outcome
  • Set Targets
  • Meditation

Relationship Enhancement

NLP enables

To Build:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Healthier relationships
  • Understanding of Others
  • Understanding of self 
  • Enhancing communication and rapport


Sales and Business Success

NLP helps individuals

To Enhance:

  • Set clear, achievable sales goals
  • Sales skills
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Overall business performance
  • Effective approach

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Meet Your Coach: Maniisha Thakkar,

A Life Coach, Counsellor, Healer, and Image Consultant who has helped people from around the world change their realities and prepare them for a better future. I’m honored to have a family of 13k people on Instagram who admire, adore, and take inspiration from me. All my life, I just had one goal– Bring change but first, be the change. I knew I didn’t want to help only a section of people but the whole community, and that’s why I have an array of courses for children, adults, women, etc. All I’m today is because of my Gurus, who taught me the basics of happy living and being connected to the Source. 

I’m a certified Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, and Psychotherapist. The best personal stylist in India trained and certified me as an image consultant.

Not only that. I work with Sabira Merchant, who is a celebrity coach for personality development classes. But if you ask me which one I love doing the most, it is always being with the kids and helping them reach their full potential.

My goal has always been to add value to people’s lives, which is why I am always ready to learn new skills.


Invest In The Holistic Development Of Your Today:

👫: 16 – 80 Years

⏳: 40 Hours

📅 : 5 Days Workshop

🕒: 9:00 AM IST to 05:00 PM IST



What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an approach to communication and personal development that helps individuals understand the connection between the neurological processes of the brain, language, and behavior.

Can anyone learn NLP?

16 years and above
Yes, NLP can be learned by anyone who is interested in personal development and improving their communication and influencing skills.

How can NLP improve my personal and professional life?

NLP techniques can help you manage your thoughts and emotions, communicate more effectively, develop positive habits, and achieve your goals. It can also help you build stronger relationships, enhance your leadership skills, and boost your confidence.

What are some common NLP techniques?

Some common NLP techniques include visualization, anchoring, reframing, and rapport building. These techniques can help individuals manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to achieve their desired outcomes.