Are You In An Unhappy Relationship Where The Problems Are Only Increasing Rather Than Being Resolved?

If you think your relationship is hanging onto a cliff, it’s time to mend it before it breaks completely. Work towards growing love between you and your partner and give your relationship a second chance to be relived!

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Are You Facing Any Of The Below Problems In Your Relationship?

  • You’ve lost respect for each other
  • You don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings
  • You start hiding things from each other
  • You fight more, and there’s no understanding
  • You’ve suddenly lost intimacy
  • You don’t share the same ideas, and thoughts
  • You suddenly feel a lack of love, care and desires
  • You feel distant towards each other even under the same roof
  • You’ve given up on solving things between both of you

If the above statements resonate with your current relationship “status”,it is a sign that you and your partner need relationship coaching to help you heal the broken strings.

Don’t be scared!

Every couple goes through this phase where they feel they have a failed relationship and
can never be the “lovey-dovey” type again.

But that’s not the case!

Your relationship with your partner deserves a second chance.We all know that for a relationship to be healthy, it requires more than just shared interests and strong feelings for each other.It is the hard work and commitment of two people who truly understand and care for each other
while caring for themselves.

But how can one heal a broken relationship?

The answer to your question is the Relationship Program, which transforms painful,
toxic relationships into happy and healthy ones.

Thousands of unsolved issues piled up over the years break a relationship.Yet, it’s never too late to mend things especially with the ones you truly love

This Relationship Workshop Can Heal Your Bonds As A Couple?

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other”


— Audrey Hepburn

  • Set Realistic And Fair Relationship Goals
  • Remove The Limiting Assumptions That Prevent You From Achieving The Connection You Desire
  • Know What Matters To You And Your Partner In Your Relationship
  • Overcome Any Disagreements And Realign Any Issues So That You Both Support Each Other Completely In Achieving Your Goals.
  • Know Each Other's Personalities Inside And Out
  • Appreciate Each Other's Abilities.
  • Learn How To Give Each Other Feedback And Reducing Communication Barriers
  • Learn Each Other’s Ways Of Being Attracted And How To Allow The Other Person To Feel Totally In Love With You.

People in healthy relationships love and support each other.

They help each other practically as well as emotionally.

Couples who stand up for each other in the good times and the bad times are the ones who have enjoyed a loving relationship for years.

If your answer is YES!

This is your chance to make it happen by just paying Rs.

Rs15,000 Rs5000

(Only for the first 50 couples!)


Meet your coach: Maniisha THAKKAR


5 Star Reviews

Hey, I’m Maniisha Thakkar,

Hey, I’m Maniisha Thakkar,

A Life Coach, Counsellor, Healer, and Image Consultant who has helped people from around the world change their realities and prepare them for a better future. I’m honored to have a family of 4k people on Instagram who admire, adore, and take inspiration from me. All my life, I just had one goal– Bring change but first, be the change. I knew I didn’t want to help only a section of people but the whole community, and that’s why I have an array of courses for children, adults, women, etc. All I’m today is because of my Gurus, who taught me the basics of happy living and being connected to the Source. 

I’m a certified Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, and Psychotherapist. The best personal stylist in India trained and certified me as an image consultant.

Not only that. I work with Sabira Merchant, who is a celebrity coach for personality development classes. But if you ask me which one I love doing the most, it is always being with the kids and helping them reach their full potential.

My goal has always been to add value to people’s lives, which is why I am always ready to learn new skills.